Drops of Jupiter (Ep. 9)

Drops of Jupiter (Ep. 9)

Nov 04, 2021

A hissing noise brought her back to her senses. Had she fallen asleep? She checked the clock. Already 25 minutes! Still a bit dazed she stumbled to her feet and got out of the sauna. Outside she was greeted by freezing cold and instantly regretted it. It felt like needles in her skin. But her mind slowly cleared. Damn, how the hell did the Scandinavians just survive this torture?
A man came over to her. He looked about her age, well built and wore his towel casually around the hips. 
“You’re alright? You look a bit pale.” he inquired.
“Yeah, I guess,” Stella replied, still a bit worked up by the sudden change in temperature.
“I was already a bit worried that you stayed so long. You look like you could need a drink. Want to come over?”

Dear John,
ohhhh, I’m so happy I saw the northern lights! So glad I went to the sauna today. Not that I got fond of it but I made some friends there. Must have looked rather pale after falling asleep in the sauna ^^’ A guy, Sami, asked me over to his group of friends and we talked for a while. They were all very curious about my plans, especially the other girl in the group. And after I told them that I hadn’t seen the northern lights yet, they took me out into the wild. And there they were. In pretty pinks and greens dancing across the night sky! I’m so in love :D
Maybe we should go on a trip together? I bet if we stayed for two weeks, we could take pretty awesome photos.
XXX Stella

・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.・

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