Drops of Jupiter (Ep. 11)

Drops of Jupiter (Ep. 11)

Nov 06, 2021

Stella sighed when she stepped out of the tube. She didn’t mind the light rain that drizzled down on her while she walked uphill. In fact she was glad that she escaped the noisy city center. Cars constantly rushing by, cabs and busses stopping every other minute, horns blowing… It was nice to see things like the Tower of London, Big Ben and other sights. But a stark contrast to the calmness of the Scottish highlands she had gotten used to in the last days.

Finally she reached the Royal Observatory at the top of the hill. This was the position of the prime meridian. Where she could stand on both sides of the world. She took a quick selfie and posted it when a message from John popped up:

Don’t know if I should really send you this but STC is doing a raffle where you can win discounted tickets for a space travel. Still costs a fortune.

Curious Stella opened their website. She knew the prices normally were freaking expensive. But maybe, just maybe, she could afford it.

・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.・

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