The Astral Future Podcast - EP 19 Brands ...

The Astral Future Podcast - EP 19 Brands.Shaw

Mar 24, 2022

In this podcast with Brandon Shaw we discuss a lot as well as have a couple giggles while sharing views and experiences. We chat about The internet, Music, Life, Current things happening, Meditation and awareness, Sentience, Living beings and mental health.


00:00 Podcasts, Speaking, Radio, music, social media, all day, motivation, social media pros and cons, consistency, YouTube, how does it work? The internet, strange people of the internet? memes, what's funny? comedies? new people, people like different things, awkward laughing, sudden information

15:00 Death, How society views death, Lifetimes, don't take life too seriously, Individuals, experiences, the positives, life is good, the world, information, life is also bad sometimes, how we interact with different info, the human experience, empathy, things going on with the war, Men forced to stay in warzones, thinking and having a conversation about current events in the world, War, power, money, Innocent humans, Greed, Freedom, Protesting, shunning from society, Propaganda, Racism, Primal behavior, Limiting ones existence, nature and society, blame, choice

30:00 Awareness, striving to be better, finding the best society for all to have access too, living being, We all just humans, Animals, Sentience, Humans cant live like they are the only species on earth, Valuing lives, where are the lines, Jainists, Sharing earth, Living things, Fair trades of energy, Nature, Personal justification? save a life, treats, spiders, Spiders are witches?, be nice to nature

37:38 Kanye West, Jeen-Yuhs, Netflix documentaries, GOATS were young too, What happened before, Kanye has done some tings, Soundbites vs a whole human existence, Money, Paparazzi, Irritations, Off the map, life of privacy, LA, Entourage, Bring it back, Honest TV shows, Overdone Tv shows, Hollywood, When last did you see a cool movie? Spiderman no way home, In the tall grass, The shining, Stanley Kubrick, Placement, Scenes, Experimental movies, Characters and environments, Lenses, Watching a movie as a kid vs now, Its way deeper, Acting, Directors, What's too far, Who wins? Good shows, The good place, Funny but sad, emotional shows, How I met your mother, Series are better

49:00 What to watch, Podcasts, Lex Friedman, Vibes, Joe Rogan, Not everyone vibes with the same people, Russel brand, News, Ignorance is bliss, Choice of what to expose oneself too, presence, stress, meditation, Eckhart Tolle, Freedom from suffering, Choosing how things effect you, Knowledge, The moment, Awareness, Experiences, Thoughts, Seeing things differently, mental health, Views, Finding ways to share and help each other, understanding each other

You can choose too agree or disagree with the information we discuss but in the end we are just people going into sometimes extremely complex problems, with minimal planning, just conversations.

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