The Astral Future Podcast - EP 18 Balek ...

The Astral Future Podcast - EP 18 Balekane Legoabe

Mar 10, 2022

In this episode with Balekane we have some laughs and some conversations about art and artists, context, interacting, self love, running, meditation and also go deep into some things that we have experienced and some things that have helped navigating those. We also speak about food, energy, manifestation, music and life as an artist, unseen spaces and some more in-between. 00:00 Art, University, Exhibitions, gallery's, Creating, hard work, making connections, networking, sharing your work, putting yourself out there, undercover worlds, art and some worlds within it, getting advice, being grateful, inspiring and helpful people, different art forms, sound art, music, process of learning, distractions, creative outlets, exploring, ways of viewing art, the relationship between skill and expression, Abstract expressionists, true, honest, transference of energy, digital art, visual artists, illustration, consistency with art, manifestation, earthing, energy. 18:30 adapting, learning how to move, high energy, interconnections with different skills, triggering, flow state, creating space, doing different things, running, sacred spaces, personal spaces in public spaces, emotions, self love, self work, managing life, processing, pushing on, finding things to do that work for you, moving meditation, music for different vibes, Beats for running, Layers, Enjoying the Moment, Navigating challenges, Motivating yourself, growth, Understanding yourself, Exerting energy, Present moments that help in the future, Reflecting, Shrooms, Dope and helpful moments, 39:36 Health, Food, Nutrition, meditation, naturally educed states, its different, Fear and build up, humans 44:40 Spaces, Feeling, Sound, connecting, gentle music, geez, listening, drawing with music, separation and connection, presence, anxiety, life, shit happens, disassociation, some journeys aren't easy, different up bringing's, different ways that help, the brick wall, awareness, resilience, patience, perfectionist, errors, comfort, awareness, when a lot is happening, people are still humans, responsibilities 1:03:09 Time, spacing out work, working out how long something takes to do, distractions, creating systems, reestablishing habits, mindset, nights, mornings, sleep?, buffer zones, avoid technology, it does have dope shit though, 1:12:20 Cursed food, Making food, Nutrition, Balance, Flavor, Flow, effort, Making things beautiful, Preparing a meal, Being thankful for your meal, Framing art, Appreciating artwork, Seeing people enjoy art, Teams, Time, Being part special things, Perspective, value, Rareness, Minimal, Keeping it simple, adding on, keeping complexity while removing elements, style, Art and moments we associate with it, references, privileges as an artist, Reference being fundamental, Influences, Seeing other peoples work 1:36:41 musical influence, Bjork, Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Artists, Different states, Growing and processing, music as medicine, rough seasons, influx, feel the sadness, find and see, awareness, opportunities, finding non toxic ways to do something, presence, knowing yourself, getting up, context, instant gratification, the mind, recognizing toxic spirals, sugar, moderation, keep trying, managing weight, being active , baby steps, realizing distance Bjork Blue hawaii Salami Rose Joe Louis 1:53:45 The mind, Mind body connection, Eating well and exercise, Noticing things, Realizing in context, Seconds, Trajectory of improvement, Strength, Ballet, Different workouts, believing and knowing, different views and perspectives, belief, Understanding over time, the adventure is the fun part. You can choose too agree or disagree with the information we discuss but in the end we are just people going into sometimes extremely complex problems, with minimal planning, just conversations.

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