The Astral Future Podcast - EP 17 Darren ...

The Astral Future Podcast - EP 17 Darren Bullock

Mar 10, 2022

In this episode we go deeep into multiple different concepts and realities, we start off by discussing money and move into different aspects of innovation, meditation, life, interactions, choices and options in on of my personal longest times while sticking to similar conversations and not drifting to far into new ones, like some actual long discussion, which I realized isn't the same in all the episodes but it is something il try and do in the future because its quite interesting to stay on one topic and just direct. All and all this was super interesting sitting down and chatting and learning some new things with Darren. 00:00 Deep into Money, How do you define money, Money and life, Financial stability, Income gaps, Wealth distribution 14:00 cryptocurrency's, NFTs, Processing, Energy 19:00 Innovation, Cost of innovation, Space junk, Space, Impacts, Trashing Space, Timelines, Who made what, Dinosaurs, Inca stones, Carbon dating? accuracy, Graham Hancock (Look him up haha I cant explain) Noah's ark, Creation on earth, Theories of creation, Linear, Realms, DMT, Meditation, Psychedelic's 32:00 Meditation, Experiences, Practice, Processing, Moving freely, Navigation, Thoughts, Accessing calmness, Chasing cars, Feelings, Digging, Finding demons, Figuring out what's going on, lightening the bag, Letting go, Awareness, Different states, Acknowledgment, Non attachment, Facing it, Constructed fear, Mindsets, Anxieties, Challenges, Holding ourselves back, Self understanding, Good and bad times, Dealing with things, Painting pictures, Goals, Constructs, Natural evolution of skills and knowledge, Start with step 1, Never settle, Find things you love and incorporate them into your life, Energy, Profitable input, Love the process, Interest, Help along the way, Driving yourself, Giving yourself time, Doing, Insecurities, Perspectives, The best advice iv ever gotten, BMXing, Practice knowledge, Not everyone understands your line, Epiphanies, Context, Clicking in, Connecting the dots, Order from chaos, Equilibrium, Bashing around, Polarization, Oneness, Fair trade of energy, Stagnation?, Randomness, Being, Existing 1:05:00 Music, Direction, Love for creating, Helping create experience, Events, Bringing people together Il finish up the full write up tonight :)

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