The Astral Future Podcast - EP 15 Tristi ...

The Astral Future Podcast - EP 15 Tristin Wilson II

Mar 10, 2022

In this highly recommended to watch, return of Tristin to the podcast, We go very deep and explore the in-betweens of living, nature, choice, communication, society and reality. Its possible this may help you with establishing some personal standpoints , just because of how much we information explore, you don't have to agree or disagree , we are just exploring some concepts that you might not commonly be exposed enough too to begin developing your views, and breaking down some things to where you can go forward from here and do some more specified research. Some of the information we get into may be harsh or hectic to handle, so this is a warning! but we also joke around a lot in-between and have a couple laughs from all the random kuk we speak :D 00:00 Language, Communication, Past, Tablets, Weather, Nature vs tech, Mantis shrimps, Water creatures, Pee pee monster, Parasites 15:00 Its Benoni dude, Explaining, Different people, Communication fails, Intelligence, Neurolink, Instant communication, Ether, Mass Resonance, Logging in, Subliminal, Diversity, Education, Experiencing different cultures, Identity, Individuals , Teams, Parameters 24:30 Rumspringer, Choosing where to be, Ways of living, Sustainability, Off grid, Primitive living, Education vs professions, How to? Not What to?, Soil, Cycles, Green bridges, Elephants, Migration, Awareness, Navigating new environments, Would animals rumspringer? Interaction of beings, Adapt & overcome, Intercommunication 37:00 Laws, Mars, Earth, Thinking from base, Functioning society's, Fear, Exploring information, Humans, Don't become savage!, Short &long term, Tribes, Communities, Doing your part, Issues with prizes, Harsh labor conditions, The pie & the bakery, Structure and flowing workspaces vs money machines, Roles & power, People are just human , Corporate vs team workspaces, You're not that guy, Distribution fails, Wasted skills, Incompetence, Actors and puppet shows, Distractions, Cost of electricity, Supply and demand with corruption, State owned enterprises, Government involvement, Options, Healthy competition, Tariffs go up 55:00 Upselling, Sales pitches, Straight forward Ts & Cs, Loopholes, Service delivery, Maintaining values, Projecting a standard, No one knows the answer, Control doesn't work, Crimes, Navigating sensitive information, Generalizing, Triggers, Choosing what to share, Oppression, Power distribution, Lack of discussion, Taking it personally, Mandates & restrictions, Limiting voices, Censorship, Who are these professionals?, Idolizing credentials, Established stand points, What the actual situation, Livelihoods 1:15:33 Freedom needs to be understood, Freedom isn't given, were in this together, farming, the effects of money on thinking, Shelf life, Food storage, Diet, Different situations, Killing animals? Some arguments fail practically, Diet choice, Temptation, Urges, Shrek joins the convo, Instinct, Situations, Fair trade of energy, Beings, Plants are alive, Evolution of carnivores, The circle of life 1:35:00 Contribution, How?, Education, Recycling, Lack of understanding, Excuses, Where does the shit go?, Its not magic, People barely listen, Recycling as a community, Human activity destroying the environment, The next dinosaurs, Humans are cocky, How to respect the self and human form, Who are you?, Narratives, Natural selection, Evolution paths of the future?, Ai, Connectivity, Biological battery's, Different thinking should be encouraged?, With options to agree or disagree, Being open, Different ideas, Mind processes of individuals, Medieval thinking 1:45:00 Medicine through the ages, vision, Resolution, Quality, Beyond the sales pitch, Recognition & signals, No one has the answer, Learning from history, Time travel, The david copperfield, Magic, Perspective and time, 51% takeovers, Context and present, Climate change, Perspective changes, Lack of responsibility, Stop crossing the line! Further, Awareness of patterns, Turn it around, Gaps, You are here, Realization & Responsibility, Looking at yourself is harsh, Reference points, Navigation, Blame, Existence, Gratitude 2:02:00 Separating yourself, Boosts, Resets, Finding what you enjoy, Energy, Find things that give, Imagination, Reality, People can be beautiful 2:09:00 What are our options, Valuable education, Self sufficiency, Comfort, Visads, For the next, Leaving the world better than before, Human avoidance of natural selection, Bad genes, We are we, Being, Abundance, Sharing, Imperfections, Tings happen, Eruptions, Don't run straight, Fight or flight, Potential, helping make better decisions, Clarity, Find the gaps, Progress, Linear and cyclical existence, Independence, Money myths, Humans are in over their heads, Decentralization, Where is the love? The struggle is still happening, Crisis mode, Accumulation of problems, The Thanos argument? Lasting effect, Individual experience.

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