10 of my Favorite Travel Essentials

10 of my Favorite Travel Essentials

Mar 01, 2024

Traveling is a huge part of who I am but traveling with a disability can definitely be challenging.

I wanted to share a list of 10 of my favorite travel essentials that make traveling with a disability/chronic illness a little easier.

  1. Wheelchair Gloves

    These gloves have saved my hands many times when on long trips! I am committed to making the most of every single trip I go on, but that also involves wheeling a lot which usually causes blisters. If you use a manual wheelchair and plan on going on a trip that involves a lot of wheeling, I definitely recommend getting a pair of wheelchair gloves to protect your hands.

  2. TENS Unit

    If you aren't familiar with a TENS unit, TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. These units help reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by many different conditions. Between having chronic pain and sitting in the same position constantly, my unit helps alleviate some of my symptoms and helps me be in the best condition possible to enjoy my travel experiences.

  3. Migraine Cap

    I LOVE my migraine cap! It is a gel cap that you keep in the refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to use it, and then you put it over your head and eyes. As someone who experiences frequent headaches and head tingling, this is an item that has helped me significantly which really makes packing it necessary.

  4. Heating Pad

    I'm not sure I have ever met someone who didn't enjoy heating pads. I take mine on every trip and try to use it every evening before bed to calm my body and alleviate some of the pain I have after a long day of exploring. I like this one specifically because it's easy to pack and doesn't take up too much space.

  5. Portable Charger

    Portable chargers are a necessity these days with the amount of electronics we use each day. I document most of my travels, so I am constantly needing to recharge my phone and camera. This charger will work all day and I won't have any of my electronics dying on me.

  6. Air Compressor

    This obviously varies depending on the type of mobility aid you use but I often travel with my wheelchair that has all terrain tires, so traveling with a portable air compressor is a must in case of a flat tire. I like this one specifically because it doesn't take up a lot of space like a lot of others.

  7. Dog Travel Bag

    My service dog has a lot of necessities for any of our overnight stays and this bag was the perfect fit. It comes with collapsible bowls, food storage containers, a treat pouch, and a shoulder strap. It's a great size and if you have extra space, you can always put some of your own personal items inside too,

  8. Electrolytes

    I don't regulate temperature well and on top of that I have seizures and pass out constantly, so electrolytes are a daily necessity for me. I have attached my favorite LiquidIV which is the Seaberry flavor. I also really like the Passion Fruit. I also like the LMNT Electrolytes Salts, the attached 8 pack is perfect for travel.

  9. Compression Socks

    As someone who suffers with multiple conditions causing discoloration in my skin and inflamation, it is recommended that I where compression socks as much as possible, especially when I can't elevate my feet for long periods of time. Compression Socks reduce swelling and fluid retention, and they improve the circulation in your feet/legs.

  10. Portable Fan

    Again, as someone who can't properly regulate temperature this fan has become a game changer. I can easily wrap it around the arm of my chair and fill it with water because it also has a mister on it. It's really sturdy and stays in position well when I am on the roll.

These are only 10 of my favorite travel essentials. Please feel free to follow me for more information on accessible travel and let me know if you have any questions.

Aspen Baxter, Accessibility with Aspen Sage



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