Three characters from a group poster I w ...

Three characters from a group poster I worked on last year

Apr 11, 2023

Hey everyone! 

Today I want to share with you a bit of details about my working process again. Last year I was working on several DnD groups and here is a part of one poster I made. 

So, the first character here is Eladrin psi warrior. For this character I looked for many cool chineese style armor references and was thinking about portray his Eladrin heritage with more thin anatomy. In reseach process was created this sketches:

Character owner choose the first one with a little changes and I finilaze him in his battle pose:

The next one was Ingot Boulderbraid, Dwarf Cleric. The hardest thing was to catch the right emotion of the character (since he is Cleric I for some reason started with sketches of very friendly dwarfs):

After that (player choose the middle one) I created 3 sketches of his metal protesis and weapon:

                         And the final result:

Delia, Half-Elf Rogue, was really interesting task! She has quite simple outfit design and I need to make it more interesting with almost only shape language. So, here is sketches:

                         And the final result:

I hope you enjoyed this little backstory of creating process of those 3 characters :)
Until next time!

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