Hungry dragons

Hungry dragons

May 28, 2024

Hello there!

Long time no see and I haven't posted anything here for a long time!

It seems that it's time to come back and start sharing different art things by me ;)

I recently posted on my socials accounts a couple of hungry dragons that had a successful (or not so successful) hunt. It was a dragon - hammerhead shark and a dragon - axolotl.

I mentioned that initially these were old sketches that I found on my laptop and decided to polish it a little (after all, my skills have grown over the past couple of years).
So that's how they looked when I found them:

It seems that people liked the final result and I was interested in your opinion - should I continue drawing such dragons?
Or should you concentrate on the characters and not waste my time on such creatures?

Let me know what do you think about it and have a nice meal :D

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