Looking for Your Next Mental Health Read ...

Looking for Your Next Mental Health Read?

Jun 03, 2022

For the last 3 years or so, I've been publishing weekly book reviews on Mental Health @ Home. That adds up to a lot of books! Some of the books I've reviewed are self-help books written by therapists, while others are memoirs written by people living with mental illnesses.

On MH@H I have an index of all the books I've reviewed, organized by topic to make it easier to find your next read:


Let's connect

Let's be friends on Goodreads! You can find me here:


I'm also on LibraryThing:


Where to find free books

These sites have a collection of free books. Also, check with your local public library to see if you can access ebooks through the Libby or Hoopla apps.

Happy reading!

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