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Up and Coming Content

Up and Coming Content

Mar 14, 2022

Hello Followers and Supporters!
I would just like everyone to know that I am currently working on three short informative videos;
1) Transgender Day of Visibility - history on the importance of the day and how to be a better trans ally.
2) LGBTQ+ Acronyms and Definitions
3) Queerphobia & Discrimination Information

I will post the links to these videos on this page as soon as they are uploaded.
Please share our content around. The very purpose of it is to educate people on issues that they may not know anything about or know very little. We can to provide resources and materials that are easily accessible by everyone!

Also we now have a Twitter page!
The content that I create will be posted through @NQRKNN (Northumberland Queeries Rainbow Knowledge Network) and the Northumberland Queeries Facebook Page!

Link to Twitter:
Link to Facebook:

Thank you for stopping by and staying current with our content.

Much Love,

Ashley (the Queer Creator)

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