The Between: Ghosts of El Paso Character ...

The Between: Ghosts of El Paso Character Keeper

Nov 29, 2022

It's done! My keeper for Gauntlet Publishing's The Between: Ghosts of El Paso is finally released.

You can make a copy of it here!

Like the keeper for The Between, this one features:

  • Session tracking and safety tool management

  • A phase tracker to help you keep track of what moves need resolving when

  • Guided character creation

  • A reference for the basic moves

  • Full support of the game's playbooks

  • Threat and Mastermind trackers

... but it's been rebuilt from the ground up to be easier to navigate, view, and use, and now includes:

  • A blank character column for custom playbooks

  • "Tabbed" columns to find the playbooks and threats in play

  • A reference for abilities and number of conditions in the frozen row and links to jump quickly to locations on the character column

  • A smarter custom move field that will allow you do add your custom moves to the phase tracker

  • Additional Mastermind columns

  • An easier to view Unscene layout and room to assign players and add responses

You can find The Between: Ghosts of El Paso on DriveThruRPG, and you can make a copy of my keeper for your own game by clicking this link!

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