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7 Best practices while Mercury is in ret ...

7 Best practices while Mercury is in retrograde

Feb 02, 2021

Disruption and chaos are unusually intense during this retrograde. Here are some tips to stay calm and grounded.

Until election day, Mercury will be in retrograde. For 21 days, the world will undergo a period of intense chaos and discord. From the spiritual perspective, there might be confusion, but there is also calm and order. That is the energy you want to situate yourself.

1. Refrain from starting new projects or striking new business deals

Because Mercury corresponds with communication, it can be quite difficult or even disastrous. When the planet is in retrograde, the world experiences blockages and delays in technology, and more so, clear discussions between people. Starting a new project or venture requires contracts, blueprints, plans and lots of details that have a high possibility of getting jacked up.

Many major corporations and powerful people never start new businesses or make major decisions regarding business or some type of contract during this time. Now if you’ve already been working on something and the direction has changed, then that’s different. Actually, that is expected during a Mercury retrograde.

So if someone presents a new idea, respectfully postpone it to revisit at a later day. When you do, it is important to be clear and graceful so that it can be received constructively.

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