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Update for The Garden Children

Update for The Garden Children

Sep 18, 2022

Book 2 has also been given a cover! So that is another tick on my list. I have now uploaded the book to both Ingram Spark and Lulu for the set-up of the book. Distribution will be disabled until after the fulfilment of the Kickstarter. I'm just thinking ahead. I have used both before but not for a Kickstarter. Both were listed as options on the Kickstarter website. There were a few other options such as bookbaby but I didn't like the pricing or service that much.

Check out the link below, it starts 25th September. I'll be posting regular updates on the Kickstarter, through the launch page (once its live). Not here. So keep tuned and follow if interested.

I've been doing some research for the Kickstarter, but unsure how it will run.

I'm hoping to publish the book in November, but my dad is recommending I do the Kickstarter for 60 days, not 30 or 45. So I'm not sure the timeline works that well. Since the book is sort of themed with October/fall colours.

I'm going to continue to improve with illustrating. So I'll be going through a few videos on Udemy.

I'm also still studying for a Library services cert online through TAFE. So I've been busy the last couple of weeks.

The kickstarter prelaunch page is below:

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