Never Too Late - the NACAC College Openi ...

Never Too Late - the NACAC College Openings Update

Apr 07, 2022

The college admissions season is not over yet -- in fact, it never really ends.

Class of 2022 high schoolers who've decided just now they'd like the option of attending a 4-year college, or those unhappy with their admissions results, there's hope. The NACAC College Openings Update is a database accredited colleges use to report that they are still accepting applications for freshmen and/or transfers for THIS FALL. Yes, September 2022.

Note that while these colleges are still looking at apps, some of these institutions remain competitive. There's utterly no harm in applying, but there are no guarantees either.

Institutions still accepting applications for fall include Allegheny, Portland State, Elmira, Ithaca, Hendrix, Knox, Ryerson (CAN), Sewanee, Goucher, The Citadel and UNLV.

Thirty more colleges have placed information on the site since it launched last week -- the NACAC stresses that the "list of colleges is updated daily." The NACAC list is a resource that is still under the radar and worth checking out.

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