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Scientology corporate web exposed, and i ...

Scientology corporate web exposed, and interview with former Canadian Scientologist

Sep 04, 2023

This is how Scientology use a complex web of shell companies and corporations to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars from the UK, through an Australian-registered charity, to their tax-exempt US organisation.

After a lengthy investigation of trawling through decades of Scientology's public filings and financial records, I was able to piece together an extensive network of UK-registered firms used by the Church.

You can read more about it, and explore the interactive map on my website, Scientology Business.

Kidnapped & Trafficked as a Child

In other news, today I interviewed former Canadian Scientologist Jeff Beaumont, who was kidnapped and trafficked as a child to work for Scientology's elite Sea Organization in Los Angele. His father, who was the Executive Director of their anti-psychiatry front group CCHR, subjected him to manual labour and gruelling work hours, at one point forcing him to disconnect from his mother - a relationship that took 20 years to repair.

Now Jeff is ready to share his story and has joined SPTV under the handle 'PTS for Life'. You can watch our video below:


Thank you

I also wanted to say thank you to you, my subscribers. It really does mean the world to know that I am not alone in this fight, and your support allows me to continue telling the truth about what Scientology does, and how it affects its members - even years after leaving.

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