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I've launched a blog!

I've launched a blog!

Aug 05, 2023

I've been teasing for a while now that I've been working on several projects behind the scenes. Last month, I announced Cause Over Life, a resource hub for people recovering from Scientology and today, I launched my new blog - Scientology Business.

The new website will examine, analyse and comment on Scientology's corporate structure, financial reports and UK activities - which currently occur through an Australian-based entity known as COSRECI (Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc).

Scientology Business launched today with a number of articles exploring Scientology's UK Shell Companies, its failed application for tax exemption in 1999 and it's most recent 2022 financial documents filed with the ACNC. Jeffrey Augustine has a hugely successful blog called 'Scientology Money Project', which looks at Scientology's US operations, but this new website I have created aims to cover the rest of the world, particularly the UK and Europe.

What you've got to look forward to over the coming days:

  • Saturday, 5th August: Numbers Don’t Lie: Evidence Scientology is Shrinking in the UK 

  • Sunday, 6th August: Scientology’s $100 million DEBT Problem 

  • Monday, 7th August: Irish Newspaper Apologises to Scientology

I wanted to send you, my supporters, this message to say thank you. When you buy me a coffee, it enables me to work on projects like this and it is a direct result of your support that I have been able to put this website together.

An Update on Cause Over Life

Again, thanks to your support, I have been able to team up with a web developer who is currently working on building a bespoke platform for the Cause Over Life project. This will allow the resource hub to work effectively, efficiently and make it super easy for people to navigate and locate the resources or help they require. I'm hesitant to announce a launch date just yet, but we should be looking to go live in the next couple of months - and definitely before the end of the year.

Thank you

So, my lovely supporters, this is where your money is going - building resources for people recovering from Scientology and exposing Scientology's shell companies and questionable financial activities across the globe.

Thank you, for your continued support, and thank you for sticking by me - you are the reason I can continue doing this.

Apostate Alex

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