3 a.m. and existential crisis

3 a.m. and existential crisis

Aug 28, 2021

It's a weekend. Your sleep cycle forces you to go to bed, but you try to stay up late, aiming to fit the stereotype. While your eyes try hard to tell you otherwise, you put on a movie; a sequel to the movie you watched a while back. You don't remember shit about it, so you feel like one. An hour and a half into the movie, you start zoning out and stare blankly at the screen, only to find yourself stuck in an existential crisis. Is this all worth it? You ask yourself. Your thoughts try to kill your senses by smothering them with groundless questions. And so, you google about how to have fun without overthinking. The movie plays in the background but you've lost the track of time. It's 3 am, you're wide awake, wishing that you should have listened to your sleep cycle when you still had time.

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