"Local Bandit"

"Local Bandit"

Apr 26, 2022

Fun collaboration in the works... My part (scratchboard drawing) is almost done. My friend & collaborator has her part finished (steel).
I'm a member of a local co-op gallery and our theme for May is "collaborations": two members combine talents to create a piece of art. This time we decided to allow members to work with "outsiders". My friend & her husband have a plasma cutter, so I pulled her into this. She also put a grind on the steel to give it more of a bark effect.
The 5" square raccoon scratchboard will be mounted on the steel "tree".
I need to add color to the raccoon & then do some fine-tuning. We're officially calling this "Local Bandit", but have been referring to it as The Hooligan as we've worked on it.

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