Feb 06, 2024

I teach Fusion Bellydance to metal music & Nordic folk, two music styles that are close to my heart. I started teaching dance in 2020, just before COVID hit the world. Before that I was a shy dance student for ~16 years. Integrated Dance Instructor training opened the doors to the teacher world for me (I was certified in 2019) and I have been studying more about teaching & dance ever since.

I'm both a dreamer and a sceptic. I have always been creative and learned many ways of expressing myself. I love fantasy, mysteries, ghost stories and myths. I have a degree in cell biology and I'm endlessly fascinated by nature and the creatures living in it. The sceptic scientist in me trusts studied facts instead of hear-say. Lastly, I have a slightly dark sense of humour and I'm self-ironic. Life shouldn't be too serious, huh?

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