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We have memberships now!

We have memberships now!

Apr 16, 2021

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for supporting me here at Buy Me a Coffee. I'm always down for a coffee or two to help keep me energized and ready for writing, but now I have something even cooler to add:


When you support me as a member, you get regular members-only updates and special features, all based on which membership level you join with.

There are currently four membership levels:

Bronze - $3/ month

Silver - $8/ month

Gold - $13/ month

Platinum - $20/ month

Please use the "see more" dropdown menu to see everything that is included at each membership level. You can purchase your chosen membership 1 month at a time, or you can purchase a whole year at once (and I will be so grateful).

Just let me know if you have any questions at all about how this works, or any of the different membership level awards. And remember, you can also always just buy me a coffee!

Thank you for your continued support!


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