Apr 04, 2022

The Argentine Tango has long been associated with luxury, glitz, and glamour. Most people imagine it as elegant couples with the men donning dapper suits and the women wearing stunning outfits with sophisticated make-up and a stylish hairstyle, dancing passionately around to inspiring music in a fancy hotel venue.

The way tango is portrayed in movies and on television can seem intimidating to someone with little to no dance experience.

However, the appeal of this highly visual art form goes far beyond sexy outfits and sensuality. There's the history and culture to the music and dance, but a good place to start is with those who have what it takes to be an Argentine Tango dancer. Read on to find out if you fit the standard.

Myth 1. To learn Argentine Tango, you need dance experience.

"Everyone has two left feet until they take a lesson." Students who have never danced before are not at a disadvantage compared to those who have.

Professional dancers were not born with dance shoes, nor did they lead previous lives as acrobats in the circus. They were also beginners at first, just like everyone else.

Though there are a few who seem to have a natural gift and pick up new dances easily, the majority of them spent a lot of time, years, and energy practicing to get to the level they are at today. Don't be discouraged and trust the process.

Myth 2. Argentine Tango requires a certain body type.

If you can walk (and even, in some cases, can't), you can dance!

Your body type has nothing to do with your ability or the quality of your dancing.

The Argentine Tango is a fun activity, and no one should feel excluded because of their appearance. You don't have to have a traditional dancer's body. Though it may affect your freedom of movement, self-expression, stamina, and joint health, instead of addressing your insecurities as a prerequisite, you should go ahead and let the dancing help you with them as you go.

The Argentine Tango is a great way to improve your physical abilities while possibly getting fit or toned.

Once you get started, it will change how you feel about your body, and how you see other dancers. What's more important is the connection you make with your partner, the art your body creates, and how confident you feel.

No matter how much you weigh, how tall you are, what body type you have, or what it does or does not do, none of this should keep you from dancing, or from doing anything else for that matter.

Myth 3. Age matters.

Unlike many other dances, you can learn to dance the Argentine tango at any age, and it's a terrific way to gain and remain in shape.

It's no longer a mystery that there are numerous health benefits linked with Argentine Tango dancing. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, should be able to enjoy the joys of dancing.

Let’s approach it from the opposite spectrum. It's easy to feel overwhelmed these days, with so many sports and recreation options available to teenagers. Sure, Argentine Tango may or may not be their first choice depending on if they see it as stage and performance-focused or they believe it is old-fashioned. However, Tango is so much more than just dancing.

It's an exciting, varied experience that can help them stay active while also challenging their minds and allowing them to meet new people.

It's a fantastic way of getting over shyness, as well as building confidence and communication skills.

They will learn to respect and accept others, even if they are different, as a result of the closeness they develop with their dance partners. It's one of those skills that can't be forgotten and can be used throughout one's life.

Our seniors may believe that you must have started young with all the ganchos, boleos, volcadas, and colgadas. But the truth is that it doesn't matter if you're incredibly flexible or not. Unless you're feeling very daring, you can safely keep both feet on the ground. Although there are steps and figures to use, it is incredibly self-expressive, so you have complete control over how you dance.

Learning the Argentine Tango is not only entertaining, but it's proven to have several health benefits for your physical, mental, and social well-being. Dancing can help you age gracefully and restore life to your mundane routine.

Consult your physician first, and then you're good to go!

Myth 4. Argentine tango is for the "white" and wealthy.

Most Hollywood films do not feature people of color dancing the Argentine Tango, although in reality, individuals of all races and walks of life do. Many people of color participate in tango performances, competitions, and even teaching. Go for it if you're passionate about it or have an interest in it.

The Argentine Tango sees beyond your skin color and speaks directly to your soul. 

Advanced dancers at Ultimate Tango School of Dance. We offer classes at 5 levels of progress and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of it. You can totally learn Tango through group lessons. Plus you will take advantage of the social aspect. No privates necessary!

The Argentine Tango, or just about any hobby where you pay to learn and practice, is a luxury, but it doesn't have to be.

It can be difficult to consider the financial commitment and expense of lessons and packages when you're a beginner, but that shouldn't hinder you from learning how to dance.

There are options available that will meet your budget and goals. If private lessons are too pricey right now, there are schools offering high-quality but affordable group classes. You also won't need a fancy wardrobe to learn the dance. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest and Tiktok videos that only require a little creativity, effort, and resourcefulness. All you actually need is a good floor, some music, and an experienced teacher. It's not even necessary to wear heels.

We live in a much different, laid-back time where tango is meant to be fun. Come as you are, but dress to impress.

Milonga at Ultimate Tango School of Dance

Myth 5. You must have a partner.

It's not an excuse to not join if you don't have a partner to bring with you to your first lesson.

It makes no difference if you're in a relationship, what gender you identify yourself as, or even if you have had prior experience with intimacy, to learn it either. Come by yourself and put yourself out there. Get out of your comfort zone and develop your sense of empathy and sensibility with a friend or even a stranger.

Argentine Tango classes can be a great way to gain greater confidence, expand your social circle and meet like-minded dancers.

Pre-Advance class at Ultimate Tango School of Dance

To the untrained eye, the tango embrace appears sensuous and sensual. On the inside, though, it is much quieter than it appears. Although there may be some attraction between two dancers, this does not always imply that the interest is directed elsewhere. It could simply indicate that they were both concentrating and enjoying the moment, their expressions and creativity flowing freely.

In Argentine tango, one partner leads and the other follows, but after you've mastered the fundamentals, you'll see that both partners are following each other in their designated roles.

In the tango embrace, following and leading turn into a much richer debate.

Beginner’s Class at Ultimate Tango - NO PARTNER REQUIRED!

It's not about skill when it comes to dancing to be the best. It's about having fun and expanding your horizons, meeting new people, and learning new things. Break the rules of society and dance your heart out. Just go with the flow and you'll figure out where you want to go with it pretty quickly.

Argentine tango is for everyone. Start taking lessons and have fun along the way.

If you wish to learn Argentine Tango, we put our methodology in the book. You can reserve yours HERE.

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