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Advance chapters for you!

Advance chapters for you!

Sep 08, 2022

Hello my dear readers! How are you?

As you can see, I've transferred to buymeacoffe. Truth to be told, I opened a buymeacoffe account before opening a Kofi account, since Kofi is much more popular and has more features. But my Kofi account is down for the time being so had to shift here.

I was planning to available advance chapters for you on ko-fi but since I can't, I'm going to post the advance chapters here. Support me to read either extra chapters or advance chapters. The rules of extra chapters is the same. One chapter per 5$ and 3 more chapters after fulfilling the goal. Extra chapters will be posted on the moonlight novels website just like before.

But! Advance chapters are different. Only an individual who buys the chapter will have the access to it. One reader can read up to 5 or more (less than 10) advance chapters per month. I've installed this feature for solely my lovely supporters to make them feel special. Don't worry, advance chapters will also be posted as free in time.

Welcome to my account! Hope you enjoy your stay here! Happy reading ❤️❤️

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