Zionism is a fraud

Zionism is a fraud

Dec 05, 2023

Zionism is a fraud.

The concept of "Jewish nation IS a fraud"

Jews are not a race but a religion. Trying to insist on Jews being a race IS racist. Hitler was one that insisted on that.

- majority of Jews are not semites

-Most Jews don't come from middle east but were eastern European converted during middle ages.

- Many Palestinians are descendents of Jews converted into Islam

- Many Zionists are non-Jews, many are even atheists, many are christian evangelists

- Most radical Zionists live in the US and wouldn't want to live in Israel...

- zionist project was a political project at first, it manipulated the judaic religion for its political purpose

- under strict judaic laws, it is illegal to have Jews to return to the land of Israel. Zionists had political agenda and hijacked the religion.

- many Zionists are Antisemites, Hitler was one of them

- Zionism at first was about finding a solution to deport Jews from Europe, it was anti Jews project

- creating Israel was a British/US project to use Jews to divide and create chaos the middle East

Zionism IS anti-semite,( to be more accurate it is anti-Jews )

Zionism is anti-Jew

Palestinian lived centuries alongside Jews in the land of Palestine until Zionist satanist project appeared

Most important Jews are our brothers in humanity, the devil is Israel and Zionism as it is a racist, etno-centric, genocidal project

A MUST read : TEL Aviv history professor Shlomo Sand > "the invention of the land of Israel"

When people call me antisemite for saying this....I usally smile, lift my leg and fart, that is the effect it does on me.

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