Xinjiang - Gaza

Xinjiang - Gaza

Oct 31, 2023

China has tackled Muslim radicalism by tackling the root of the problem : poverty, ignorance, lack of opportunities > China built schools, invested into education and local economies. Israel to justify its own existence and Zionism it needs to build a radical enemy, it is at the root of the zionism doctrine, zionism can only exist if one plays the holocaust victim and it can create a constant external threat so.... Israel had created radicalism, how ? deprive palestinian people of basic human rights, humiliate them on daily basis, steal their home, kill their children, put them in a survival mode, torture them and build a wall around them....the recipe for radicalism, revenge and war. - China looks for peaceful co-existence. - For Israel peaceful co-existence means the end of Zionism as Zionism is apartheid, ethnocentric, non-inclusive, built around sense of superiority and racism. Zionism would no longer exist if there is peace, It is an anachronism and Israeli would just look stupid as being the most racist country in the World

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