Understanding semitism and Zionism.

Understanding semitism and Zionism.

Nov 01, 2023

Very counter intuitive - Zionism is anti-semitism, only anti-semites can be for Zionism, a project that was originally mainly about deportation of European Jews and Use them as an artificial buffer state to divide the Arab World. - Most Zionists live outside Israel and many of them are Evangelical zealots living in the US - Most Jews (Ashkenazis) are not semites as they are ethnically Europeans converted into Judaism - Arabs ARE Semite - A proportion Arabs living in Palestine might be Jews converted into Islam (Prof. Shlomo Sands) - According to the Torah and "Magna Carta traditional judaism", (real) Jews can only go back to the land of Israel when the Messiah will be back on Earth, so according to the scriptures the single existence of Israel is an abomination. - The most anti-semites like Hitler and Ford were Zionists as they wanted to get rid of Jews from US and Europe. - Most Jews are not semites while ALL Arabs are. Here you got some answers in case some clowns call you anti-semites for being anti-zionists and against racism/apartheid and for supporting the Palestinian cause.

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