Monday’s loneliness

Monday’s loneliness

Dec 27, 2022

When you are in transition, there are times when you feel lonely. I had that feeling today… but the more I educate myself the more I know how to cope with my emotions. I love to watch Vanessa Van Edwards. She’s my idol lately. Would like to have a friend like her. Her video about the loneliness .

I often take notes. It is a reminder who I am where I am and where I’m going. And why I am where I am. We people have a tendency to forget things. We need to remind ourselves why we should feel grateful today, or why we should keep going and stay motivated and happy. We need those little reminders especially in our unhappy moments. My phone and my notebooks are full of notes ( what I want ,all my annual/ weekly goals, what I will be doing when I achieve my certifications and so on).

I read all of my notes today. YouTube is my source of motivation. I run a playlist called “be better” and I add videos there that I find helpful. Helpful for me to beat my low moods!

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