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September DEAL! HEALING 3 pay for only 2 ...

September DEAL! HEALING 3 pay for only 2!

Sep 01, 2023


 I feel that many people are at a crossroads right now. It can be about getting out of or transforming a situation that you're not pleased with. Like attracting money, trying to create change in a relationship, in your health, your job or something else. But something's just not working to create that change. 

As I see it there's nothing that is broken or needs fixing, but there can be some patterns that are creating invisible or visible blockages that can stand in the way of the wanted change.  

(Sometimes it can be really frustrating when you even know what's in the way, but you still can't create the change you seek)

 I will hold space for you where you are invited to let go of that which doesn't serve you any longer, and allow the change or shift that you're seeking. 

It can be about letting in more money, a healthier body, losing weight, preparing yourself for letting go of a relationship, preparing your heart for a new relationship, deepening an existing relationship, preparing your body to receive a baby, creating a job that you love, to feel inspired to get up in the morning. 

It can also be more about emotional satisfaction, looking for inner peace, joy, happiness, belonging, and so forth.

What you would like to change or make happen, might not shift with a quick fix, and that is why I would like to inspire you to spend more time and focus on yourself with 3 healing/integration sessions. And I would also like to help out and say book 3 healing sessions, but pay for only 2 of them. 

Instead of paying 231 usd (77 usd/euro x3) you pay 154 usd/euro!

To schedule a session we need to sync up our time. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, as this is done through distance.

If you feel that this is something that speaks to you, or if you know of anyone that really needs this right now, or if you have any questions, please send me a message. 

The offer is valid 1st of sept - 29th of sept!

With love,

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