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Last energy surge of the Blue Light, TOD ...

Last energy surge of the Blue Light, TODAY!

Nov 25, 2023

Hello beautiful friends in the ether!

I just wanted to write a few lines that might help in these changing times.

Feel if this resonates with your truth and experience.

(I have posted some of this in a video on Youtube, "A New Era")

In my knowing and experience a blue light (from Orion/Sirius) has come to planet earth.
On 3 different occasions, with the wrapping up of this energy today (25th of Nov), it has
infused and hightened the energy on the planet and therefore also us.

It has left no stone unturned. It has truly made us look at our shadow side and what has needed
some deeper look and purification.

The first surge started on the 19th of November 2019,
the second one happened on the 19th of November 2021,
and this third surge that is coming in this 3-part wave, has happened
on the 4th of November, the 18th of November and today the 25th of November,
of 2023.

If you look at your life and what has happened since the end of 2019, to where you are now,
would you say it's different? Would you say some things has happened since then, and are happening

One interesting thing that recently came to my attention, is that during the time of Covid,
the energetic north node shifted, for the duration of the exact same time as Covid was around and most countries were in lock down. The earth needed to be very still so that the energetic north node could shift easily and smoothly.
This started to happen right after the first blue light surge.

There's been
a lot of global disruption and also personal disruption, all so that we can raise to a higher place.

Some of those symptoms are:
Sleep deprivation and/or insomnia
Nausea (Dizziness that will disappear just as fast as it comes)
Headaches or pressure over the head
Ringing in your ears
Loosing track of time, confusing what day it is
Cravings (wanting specific foods, and being more hungry and thirsty)
Being more sensitive (to sound, light, heat, cold, people)
Opening your psychic centers
Getting "downloads"
(Women) disruption in your menstrual cycle

Some suggestions to what you can do to balance your body:

Drink water
Get as much sleep in as you can (over 24 hours)
Listen to the body and foods it's asking for
Be in nature or by water
Surround yourself with animals
Listen to music
Limit the negativity that you can control (tv, series, film, podcasts, conversations, news papers, etc)

Right now you can be inspired/pushed to change any situation in your life, that doesn't match the
higher vibration. And that can be a little bit scary to do. Letting go of people, relationships, jobs,
homes, patterns and more. And also try new things, continue to expand and to move forward.
Do what you can, and be kind to yourself in this process.

Hope this helps!

Much love,

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