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Why we need Modern Masculinity

Why we need Modern Masculinity

Jan 30, 2024

Why we need Modern Masculinity

Have you noticed the trend in the past years? 

The fempreneurs are shooting through the roofs. Women don't NEED a man, but when they do want to engage with one, they often discover that the opposite sex is lacking in the emotional and conversational department. And last but not least, male suicide rates are skyrocketing

Maybe we should listen to the alarm bells ๐Ÿ””? Modern Masculinity counters this ever growing  โ€œthreatโ€ by assisting men become better men.

Why I dove into the Modern Masculinity movement

As a son of a single mother for the majority of my upbringing I can find myself between the previous mentioned statistics. My mom participated in female empowerment programs for as long as I can remember. I heard and understood why female emancipation, feminism, was necessary. I was proud of my mom for standing up for herself and finding her way through grown up life. 

Meanwhile, I was lacking emotional reach, had a lack of conversational skills and thought I was only a proper man if I could provide, protect and be the best at sex (once maturity reached.) Why bring my mother into this? Because even with all her love and care, she wasn't able to offer me what I needed most, the comfort and leadership of a male relationship. 

I hadn't been exposed to masculinity, therefore it didn't feel right.

I can count on one hand how many males had the potential to be a building block in my young life. I was stubborn, rebellious and sensitive and looking back at it now I can tell you why. I hadn't been exposed to masculinity, therefore it didn't feel right.

During my learning period becoming a more conscious masculine, I realized how valuable it was to have the masculine comforting "we'll get through this together." Or "It's OK that you feel lost." Even though I know women experience those emotions as well, and I love talking to my girlfriend about it, but it hits differently when you have male friends to go through these moments with.

The men that did play that role in my life werenโ€™t there long enough, or often enough, to really impact me, unfortunately. There is no one to blame, and Iโ€™m not seeking a scapegoat here. Iโ€™m stating my truth. As I dived deeper into masculinity I sensed that I wasnโ€™t aloneโ€ฆ

I had several 1:1 conversations with men from different countries and different backgrounds and there was something universal in their plight. They wanted to talk, but they didn't know how, or why? Especially that โ€œWhy?โ€ was holding them back. "Why do I need to talk about my emotions?"

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We speak freely over purpose, anxiety and not being able to live up to certain expectations.

What we do at Modern Masculinity Sessions 

Modern Masculinity is where men meet men, and we meet only for the purpose of creating better men by communication. Our Modern Masculinity sessions have been a safe space for men to find each other and understand that they are not the only ones to struggle. We speak freely over purpose, anxiety and not being able to live up to certain expectations. We discuss ways on how to better ourselves for ourselves and take on our responsibilities with more flair. But most importantly we are seeking that โ€œWhy?โ€ together.

In my experience, when men feel a lack of purpose they tend to fall behind and it's harder to keep up. This is even more challenging it seems for single men. By offering a safe space to play and educate we have seen men open up in ways that they would mostly keep behind closed doors. This safe space teaches the men to also hold safe space for other, whether it is a partner, a child or a coworker.

This is why Modern Masculinity matters. To know itโ€™s OK, that you are OK. And that it is OK to not be OK. We will create the OK together. Modern Masculinity by The Recycled Pirate moves in the realms of human development and emotional intelligence.

๐Ÿ“ธ Gitland Garmes

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