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Introduction; The Recycled Pirate #every ...

Introduction; The Recycled Pirate #everyoneapostcard project

Jul 14, 2023

The Recycled Pirate #everyoneapostcard project

🎉 1600 postcards given away since 2020 🎉

In our world of technological advancement, we are losing more and more of that personal connection that we require as community-driven human beings. With Pirate Wisdom Quote Postcards, I’d like to create an opportunity to reach out to someone you care about with a heartfelt message on a stylish yet simple, card. A card that someone want to hang on their fridge or even frame and have it on their desk.

“Let us reach out to each other more and send more personal, long-lasting messages. It’s one of the best cures for depression and loneliness and might even help someone deal with their anxiety.”

Me, apparently , in 2019 🤓

📯 From left to right: Andy 🙋‍♂️ Annemiek (NL), Jay (US), Laney (US) & Katie (GB)

The mail system has gone almost fully electronic. Receiving an email, electronic mail, is nice, but it doesn’t feel as good as a personal card that has been bought with you in mind, written for you, and an effort has been made to even sent it to you. Knowing that someone made that effort for you is nourishment for your soul.

When you're buying a The Recycled Pirate postcard, you’re not buying just another mass-produced Hallmark card. You’re sharing a story of hope and strength through cards printed on recycled paper, carrying an inspiring and personal message. Since 2020 I've send about 1500 personal cards and gave away another 400 thanks to donations and sales. But that's nearly not enough! We have millions more to go!

You can support #everyoneapostcard by donating through our crowdfunding on Patreon. Or you can make a 1 time contribution through PayPal or right here on Buy Me A Coffee. Buying a postcard (or 10) at our local points of sales (see 🚩below 👇) is also very welcome. 💰 therecycledpirate.eth for the crypto enthusiasts.

I also offer to possibility to buy a handwritten postcard through my web shop on where I offer a lot more merchandise with a message.

See you around for a coffee ☕ some time? 🙋‍♂️

Andy Kirchner

🖤 Sending out sparks of humanity one postcard at the time 🖤

⚠️ Disclaimer: Any donation with #everyoneapostcard in the description will be used to purchase and give away postcards.

Shop for The Recycled Pirate postcards at 👇

🚩 Beyglz

🚩 Herbology Lifestyle

🚩 Mensing's Caminada

🚩 Pakaya Society

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