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Introduction; The Enlightenment Session ...

Introduction; The Enlightenment Session Explained

Jul 11, 2023

The Enlightenment Session Explained

What is an enlightenment session?

An Enlightenment Session is a phone or video call with me through whatever digital channel is convenient to us. This can be Google Meet, Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram.

What does an Enlightenment Session do?

An Enlightenment Session gives you the safe space to truly express yourself, and I will listen to you with devotion. I’ll be your conversation partner. your cheerleader and your emotional support Pirate. I will listen to what your needs are and what you are looking for whether it's in life or in business. Together with you we'll walk down your path of options and possibilities where we'll bring light to areas that you might not see. I will hold you accountable if you are seeking excuses to escape your good fortune. And I will encourage you to take the steps towards your desired future.

Enlightenment Sessions are for those who are already on their path of self development, whether in life or in business. 

How can I get me some of that Enlightenment?

It’s always good to be ready to face both the light and the darkness. To receive the Enlightenment you need to be willing to face, and accept, the hurdle, challenge or success on your path. 

You need to be ready to:

  1. Be honest

  2. Be open

  3. Be willing

  4. Be ready

  5. Be determined

And together we will create the light. Guaranteed!

Are you ready for an Enlightening Session? 👉 Enlight this 👈

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Who books an Enlightenment Session?

Enlightenment Sessions are booked by people who can use guidance in a certain direction. These are people who are already on their way to their vision, whether it is in life or business, but need just that little extra push in the back.

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference a good conversation makes and the takeaways you get for opening up and get ready to blossom.

You can book your Enlightenment Session ✨ here ✨

See you soon in a session,

Andy Kirchner 🙋‍♂️

🖤 Enlightenment sessions are available in Dutch, English & Papiamentu

Review by Jarrod Spicer - Spicer Walls, Tennessee

Not only is The Recycled Pirate one of my favorite influencers to follow, Andy’s insights and guidance are as equally sound as his listening. I always come away more enthused about my business and life with practical tactics to apply. With the Wall Covering business booming and my business growing into new directions, getting trusted feedback has never been more valuable. Looking forward to more sessions and growth!

Mahalo!! Jarrod

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