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Introduction; Modern Masculinity

Introduction; Modern Masculinity

Jul 19, 2023

Hi, welcome to my Modern Masculinity Introduction page. I walked around with the idea for Modern Masculinity for years after struggling with my own masculinity. I observed countless other men and reflected on myself on how I could improve as a men. The journey wasn't pretty. I saw my reflection and understood I had work to do.

In June 2023 I finally launched the Modern Masculinity group with 8 different men 👨🏼‍🦱👨🏿‍🦲👨🏻‍🦲 who wanted to be there for other men. We wanted to learn from our life experiences and share those experiences with other men. We offered peer support and every man present was ready to receive. We are ordinary men with jobs, businesses and careers.

Modern Masculinity offers a 🦺 safe space 🦺 where anything can be asked or shared, and we will hold space without judgement ✌

We ask in return that every man will be respectful to others, and ask questions rather than judge, when you don't understand something. Offer your help, a listening ear, rather than just give an opinion. If you always wanted to do something for the male community, this is your chance. You can join our Membership and invest in the growth of our community. We do monthly in person sessions now and are preparing for an online version of Modern Masculinity. Your contribution will guarantee the development of our movement.

There is always a disclaimer though! ⚠️ None of us have the right answers to the questions and/or sacrifices life asks of us, but maybe, if we come together, we can get close to getting some decent answers. And if we listen to one another, we might hear answers that we were looking for in ourselves.

Modern Masculinity is about listening better to our surroundings. It's about becoming better men, for our children and for our future.

🚧 What we work on during our sessions:
• Better communication skills
• Better understanding of the masculine emotions
• Deeper relationships
• Brotherly support network

I hope to welcome you to one of our sessions.

I offer aftercare if you need some. You won't be alone. Promised.

With kind regards,
Andy Kirchner

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