TMS Blog: Tabulator Viewing Data

TMS Blog: Tabulator Viewing Data

Jun 21, 2022

Tabulator Part 3: Viewing Data in Tabulator. In this third stop on our Tabulator adventure, we're going to focus mostly on the options available for how data is displayed.  But in order to help narrow our focus a little further, we're going to take the TMS WEB Core project from last time, what we were calling ActorInfo, and explore ways we can view the data we have available, covering many Tabulator options along the way.  Styling and theming a modern web application potentially involves some amount of CSS work, so we'll cover a bit of that as well.  And to keep it interesting for those not all that keen on Tabulator specifically, we'll also cover how such a TMS WEB Core app might be deployed in a production setting.

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