TMS Blog: Luxon

TMS Blog: Luxon

May 24, 2022

Luxon. The last couple of posts covered FlatPickr, a popular and very capable datepicker JS Library.  We looked at many of its options, and looked at two completely different ways to add it to our TMS WEB Core projects.   What we didn't really delve too much into is the whole area of date and time formats, timezones, internationalization, and the differences between date-handling in Delphi and JavaScript. Well, we did a little, but just enough to get through some examples.  This time out, we'll go into a bit more detail and also introduce the latest JS Library to our repertoire - Luxon - which describes itself as "a powerful, modern, and friendly wrapper for JavaScript dates and times."  I'm not at all sure that I buy the "friendly" bit, but it is indeed powerful and modern, so let's see where it fits in.

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