TMS Blog: Lazarus

TMS Blog: Lazarus

Sep 12, 2022

Lazarus. The most recent posts in this series covered how to deploy TMS WEB Core applications as native desktop applications on Windows, Linux, and macOS using either the Miletus framework or the Electron framework.  In both cases, using TMS WEB Core and Delphi in Windows, it was possible to generate the final desktop executables for all three platforms directly (in the case of Miletus) or with just a simple extra step (in the case of Electron and macOS).  But what if you want to create regular TMS WEB Core web applications and don't have access to Delphi?  Or perhaps you don't want to use Microsoft Windows as a development platform?  TMS WEB Core projects can also be developed in two other very different environments - Lazarus and Visual Studio Code, both of which run on Windows, Linux, and macOS.  But there are potentially important limitations and tradeoffs.  For example, Miletus is currently only supported under Delphi and VSC, not Lazarus.  Next time out we'll explore the hugely popular Visual Studio Code, but today we're going to have an introductory look at Lazarus.

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