TMS Blog: Image Sliders

TMS Blog: Image Sliders

Jul 13, 2022

Image Sliders. With our Tabulator miniseries out of the way, we're back to check out other interesting and useful JavaScript libraries that we can use in our TMS WEB Core projects. This time out, we're going to have a look at image sliders, sometimes referred to as image carousels.  There's a TWebImageSlider included directly in TMS WEB Core that's ready to go, based on the very capable Swiper.  But we'll also have a look at the popular Bootstrap Carousel, the venerable Slick Carousel, and the ultra-modern Glide.  Each has its own default look, but they can all be customized in various ways.  Some have dependencies to be mindful of.  But they're all well-tested and reliable, and any of them would make a solid addition to your project.

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