TMS Blog: Image Editing

TMS Blog: Image Editing

Sep 12, 2022

Image Editing. In our last post, we covered panning and zooming of images or other content within TMS WEB Core projects using one of the many JS libraries available for this purpose.  But what if you want to actually make changes to an image?  Crop it, rotate it, and maybe add a filter or an annotation of some kind?  While there are many JS libraries around for handling the viewing aspects of images, there are not nearly as many for handling the editing aspects of images.  Well, certainly not as many in the free/open-source realm.  But there are a few.  Today we're going to take a look at one such JS library, the Scaleflex Filerobot Image Editor, or FIE for short (also on GitHub).  It bills itself as "the easiest way to integrate an on-the-shelf and easy-to-use image editor in your web application, for free." And while that may very well be true, there's still a bit of ground to cover to get this up and running productively in our projects.

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