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TMS Blog:

Sep 12, 2022

Drawing with In the past couple of posts, we've had a look at JS libraries that enabled us to annotate images in some way.  With Leaflet, we could draw boundaries and other shapes.  With Filerobot Image Editor, we could add annotations of various kinds, including shapes, text, other images, and so on.  But what if we wanted to incorporate a full-on diagramming tool into our TMS WEB Core projects?  We've got some options here.  There are a number of such libraries available, including of course the very capable cross-platform TMS FNC Blox product, that provides the user with the ability to create diagrams, flowcharts, and similar documents.  Today we're going to have a look at (aka  More than just a JS library, it is actually a full-blown web application in its own right.  But we can embed it directly into our projects and treat it much the same way as other JS libraries we've encountered so far.

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