TMS Blog: D3 Intro

TMS Blog: D3 Intro

Sep 12, 2022

Charting Part 3: D3.js Intro. We've covered Sparklines and Chart.js so far in our miniseries on adding charting capabilities to our TMS WEB Core projects.  These have been great for adding either really simple charts (Sparklines) or what might be thought of as traditional charts (Chart.js), and have the benefit of being quick to implement.  But what if you're looking for something a little more bespoke?  Maybe more animations other than just the initial display?  Or perhaps more interaction than simple pan and zoom?  Then D3 might be something to consider.  It is a little more complex than the charting  JS libraries we've been exploring so far, but the tradeoff is that it can do a great deal more.  For a quick look at D3, here's a link to Fireship's D3.js in 100 seconds, a fun overview of what we're going to very lightly introduce in this blog post.

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