Linkedin NeoFascist Treatment toward Wom ...

Linkedin NeoFascist Treatment toward Women

Mar 14, 2022

Appeal To LinkedIn
For An Unlawful Removal
Of My Post

I am writing these lines to bring to your attention towards the wrongful and unethical decision of LinkedIn for removing my yesterday's post which happened to be the poetic plea of women's life and treatment in Brazil.

I am an ethical unbiased professional exhibitor of poetry and philosophy on LinkedIn.

In my professional capacity and as my utmost service to equal Rights for women I exhibit some of the classic, unseen, unheard poetry from all over the world highlighting the voice of people from every race, religion and countries around the world.

One of my recent post that has been classified by LinkedIn for not complying with their policy is utterly unfair, unfounded and unprofessional.

To understand poetry first we must learn a significant distinction between a standard written text and written poetry.

A standard written text is instructively direct in nature, telling exactly what is the intent of the writer.

However, poetry is based on analogies where nothing is sacred when it comes to comparison.

Unlawfully removed poetry by Erica Zingano from my LinkedIn profile happens to be no different when it comes to the elite poetic distinction made by a poet to get the message across in its true essence. In her poetry, Erica is bringing to light the unfair cruel treatment toward women in Brazil.

"Pregnancy by the spaceman" is referred to the foreign liberal idea of equality, growth and prosperity on which the foundation of Western society is laid that has been accepted, entertained and celebrated by the Brazilian lady described in the poetry.

Once discovered by the Brazilian society a lady harbouring a Western way of life, her treatment with true words have been explicitly described in the poetry by the author Erica Zingano.

LinkedIn hasn't just removed my post from LinkedIn stream.

LinkedIn in fact has stripped The Equal Rights Of Ladies, Women's Civil Liberties, and Equality for all from its online stream of publication.

LinkedIn owes me a written apology and apology to every women who has been put down by the removal of the post highlighting the pleas, help and cruel treatment towards female gender around the world.

Andry-Andreja Jakuš


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