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Say hi and good bye in Spanish (and do i ...

Say hi and good bye in Spanish (and do it right)

Oct 04, 2022

"¿Qué pasa?"

This is the most common sentence I hear from my students in order to say "hi" in Spanish. I've already gotten used to it, to be honest, but, how surprised would you be if I tell you this is not the way to say "what's up?" in most Latin American countries? In fact, what this question really means is "what's wrong?", so how do we really say "what's up?" in Spanish? Is it right to use "adiós" everytime you say goodbye?

Watch my very first class on Vimeo and answer these and more questions.

I also made this useful infographic you can download in case you get bored watching me talk and just want to get to the point.

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