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The wisdom of Nature: eighth excerpt

The wisdom of Nature: eighth excerpt

Nov 30, 2021

Happy Tuesday to all of you! 🙂 

Here I am again sharing with you another excerpt from the book "The Wisdom of Nature", which I am currently working on. It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and fascinating project I have ever been involved in in my whole life. It reflects the lessons about life that I have been acquiring thanks to Nature, which I consider my teacher. At the same time, it is my offering to life for all that has been given to me.

In this short excerpt, we reflect on the recurring feeling of dissatisfaction, of lack, of lack that people tend to experience within ourselves. This dissatisfaction leads us to pursue different desires and to want to live different experiences, which usually never end up filling that emptiness for a long time. 

Although this dissatisfaction pushes us to act, to learn and to evolve if we do not become aware of it, we carry it to all areas of our lives and that has its consequences on ourselves, others and the rest of the world. The dissatisfaction we carry daily prevents us, for example, from experiencing the wonders around us or living a deep relationship with Nature.

Let's try to become aware the next time we feel insufficient, incomplete and ask ourselves why before we engage in any activity or entertainment to quell that uncomfortable feeling. Let's take it as a practice to feel at ease with ourselves. For if we observe we will realize that we will never be able to feel complete from the outside because it is already a reality inside us. And who better can teach us to know how to be than Nature, which is her only way of expressing herself. She does not run away from herself because she knows that she is complete, that she lacks nothing. She can inspire us and connect us with life. Let us learn from her to simply know how to be.

I wish you a wonderful day :)


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