Sep 19, 2021

Hello hello! If you found me here, chances are you have migrated over from TikTok. If not, hey! I'm Anne, and I have so many titles/ wear so many different hats that I won't even bother explaining them all. However, if you came from TikTok, and really the whole reason I created this page to begin with, was to take my endeavors as "Anamesa Anne" to the next level.

I post daily affirmations on TikTok and since May 15, 2021 I've accumulated 24.7K followers. Its been an interesting and fulfilling journey to create and share this kind of content. If you're interested in learning more about why I started that account and what it's really all about, you can check out the article linked to this post.

When I'm not busy with grad school, TikTok or any of my many other responsibilities, I enjoy writing and publishing on a platform called Vocal. I've written tons of articles there over the past few years, so there's a lot of free content to browse through there. I've written poems, product reviews, about life experiences, shared my inner thoughts and even posted a few social justice papers I've written for assignments. Pretty interesting things there, honestly.

However, if you chose to just browse around here, there's plenty within this page as well. I offer tarot and birth chart readings, life path readings and am working on ebooks. There is also the highly requested private membership. I do not publicly share much of my life online, and this membership is a way for those most invested in what I do/ strongest supporters to get to know me better, see more of myself and my life, get the details on products I use and what I wear, have access to private albums of selfies, trips and excursions and more to come.

Any support you give or show means the world to me! I hope you have an amazing day and continue supporting/ following along on my journey.https://vocal.media/authors/anne-and-anamesa

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