Earning a Scholarship through Bold.com

Earning a Scholarship through Bold.com

Dec 06, 2021

Hi Friends!

As I'm sure you all know, I'm a student- which means that I have a ridiculous amount of loans I've already taken out in pursuit of my education and still have a few more semesters left I have to pay for. I have already completed my bachelors degree (and accumulated a ton of debt from it) and am on my last full year of graduate school to obtain my masters in social work. College is crazy expensive, but pursuing the degree I am will unlock sooo many new doors for me in the coming years!

Anyone else who has gone to college or pursued a higher education of any sort know the heavy cost that comes along with your education. There's tuition itself on top of the cost of textbooks, supplies, computer programs, and let's not forget other costs not typically associated with education- gas to get to and from classes or work, high electric bills from constantly using a laptop, parking on campus, etc. The price tag on education is HEFTY! There are tons of scholarships and grants out there, but finding the right ones to apply for and submitting applications themselves can be time consuming and lead to no avail. Well....

I have recently discovered a website, bold.com , which allows me to apply for hundreds of different scholarships. What I like about using bold is that I can search scholarships by category, requirements and even get matched to scholarships that are a good fit for me, based on what I filled out in my profile. There are scholarships for everyone- high school students, trade school students, single parents, etc. A lot of the scholarships listed on bold.com do not require essays, and your application can be submitted with just a few clicks! Scholarships range in their reward and eligibility requirements, but there is surely something that can be found for everyone.

Click the link here to browse different scholarships! Create your own account to start sending applications- and make sure to make your profile as detailed as possible to appeal to those rewarding the scholarships!

Sign up here: https://bold.org/scholarships/bold-org-top-friend-scholarship/nomination/#get-superb-education-fellowship-funding-current-students-deadline-upcoming

For me, winning a scholarship would mean accumulating less debt by paying upfront for my semesters of graduate school and hopefully even mean that I could pay off some of my student debt. Ultimately, scholarship money will help me to make my education more feasible and allow me to start my professional life debt-free, able to pursue other passions and projects without the lack of financial means.

Good luck to anyone pursuing their education and best of luck in finding the funds to help support you through it!

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