Secure the Perimeter – Kelly Lowery 39

Secure the Perimeter – Kelly Lowery 39

Feb 05, 2021

Kelly Lowery was hanging on for dear life as she could see they were nearing the house, the horses were beginning to tire and slow their race to the shelter of the stable. Kelly started pulling in on the reins and the Morgans stared reacting to her rein commands, although hesitantly. The horses weren't as panicked because the initially nearby frightening explosions in the sky, had begun happening in further distant areas in all directions.

Kelly finally took the time to look into the air, as watching the horses direction and path through the field to avoid ruts and holes wasn't nearly as necessary with well trained horses who weren't panicked. And too, they were following the same path they had taken several times, to bring in the supplies from the cashe'.

All around her from horizon to horizon, Kelly could see flashes of what she could only assume were explosions in the outer atmosphere. Although, she couldn't think of anything that would be exploding in earth's outer atmosphere, other than satellites. And there were so many explosions out there. “Surely, there aren't that many satellites in our orbit.” Kelly thought.

Kelly pulled into the cartage barn, jumped off of the wagon, ran to the cellar doors to throw them open so, she could get inside to switch the power system over from city A/C to battery power, back up. Kelly had realized that power towers had been hit and that The Ranch would most likely be without power until it had been manually switched over. It had been set up so that the switching mechanism was located in the basement shelter and the foyer of the house on a mechanically paired switch.

Kelly's orders were to switch the power system in the event of a loss of A/C power during natural disaster events. When Kelly had opened the cellar doors, it had illuminated the cellar enough that she could see the large manual switch against the right side wall.

Kelly knew that the switch was mechanically connected inside the walls to an identical switch in the ground floor foyer. Kelly threw the switch and the LED lighting throughout the house came on.

Kelly was supposed to switch power over and prepare for incoming personnel, some possibly wounded.

The first thing she did was start a large pot of coffee. The storm shelter cellar had been equipped with a fully stocked and functioning kitchen, for an extended emergency situation, powered by D/C power.

Technically, it was a bit of a marvel, to Kelly. No hydro-carbon usage in the house at all. It was a totally electric home, powered by D/C voltage. When the central air conditioning unit came on, and air started flowing from the filtrated registers around the cellar, Kelly was in awe of what had been done by the Engineering students who were starting to come into the storm shelter from their off campus graduate class laboratory.

The graduate students weren't kids by any means, ranging from 21 to 35 years in age. But they were scared. Some of them had actually been expecting the meteor shower and had stayed elsewhere that particular day.

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