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Hello From Amy

Hello From Amy

May 28, 2022
Have you ever had someone that you just wish you could buy them a simple cup of coffee ☕️ to say hello, thank you or even just because you wanted to give them a little blessing to bless their day? Have you ever been in a Drive-thru coffee line when the car in front of you buys your morning coffee? You drive up to the window and the barista says, it's all paid for, the car in front of you paid for your coffee. It changes your whole day. You wake up to the goodness, kindness and compassion in peoples hearts and it sets the stage for your entire day. Its as if it was a little "God Wink" towards your day. So that is why I created my coffee page. This is just a fun little page that I wish everyone had linked to their social media accounts so we all could bless each other as we see fit, thank you for visiting my website and my Coffee with Amy page. 😀 -Amy ☕️
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