Your Keychain Say's A Lot About You

Your Keychain Say's A Lot About You

Nov 23, 2021

Believe it or not I like to view peoples keychains. Some have lanyards of their favorite teams, sayings or others have keys to many doors, but some of those keys are special. There are the people with gimps, charms and trinkets with quotes on them. I love them all. For parents who love to put images of their kids faces or just words look at my Inspire 2BU Design Studio for inspriation. I am not on Pinterest sharing my work with others. As a creator I love that you can personalize the item by editing text or add background colors and make it your own.

If you want to share a message to someone or want your keychain to have a voice, your gonna love these. Click the link to view my Keychains on Pinterest.

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