What's Poppin Taurus

What's Poppin Taurus

Apr 19, 2022

Happy Birthday to all the Bulls!

Some people say that Taurus is ruled by Earth, and I believe it.

As the daughter of two Taurus' humans, who are very different, yet very much embody the Taurus energy, I see where the connection to the material lies.

Taurus humans are great gift givers, can be generous with themselves, they love a party and are also extremely stubborn.

They thrive on consistency and like the finer things in life.

Classically, Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of love, the divine goddess energy. So, she who leads with her heart.

Taurus season is a very sensual time, to connect with the body and really notice where you can be doing more.

Taurus rules the 2nd house, which is the house of possessions. This is material belonging which directly connected to your self-worth and self-esteem.

During this season of Taurus, we are being called to reevaluate our relationships to the things that we feel are ours and allow ourselves to shift it.

There is a partial solar eclipse occurring at the middle of Taurus season with the New Moon, and this is a time for shifts. Expect changes to your material possessions, be cautious with your spending at this time.

We will be planting strong seeds on April 30th to honor this time and the new cycle that is born, with emphasis on your Boss level and ownership.

Recently I've been called to talk to MASTERS. The master in me, honors the master in you. Be this a numerology, astrological placement, or self-made master.

Mastery is knowing and believing, and it takes a while to shift into this entity. With this moon transit we are going to focus our mastery of the material plane by discussing the manifestation of wealth.

So join me on April 30th at 4pm EST/ 2pm MST (the info is below). You can get a reminder by RSVP on Facebook or put in your calendar and Join in here.

Crystals to work with during Taurus season: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Emerald


Claudia Adalgisa (she/her)

your Soul Coach/Reiki Master Teacher

Dates to Remember

4/24- Akashic Records for Reiki Practitioners

4/29- Pluto Retrogrades

4/30- Monthly Healing Circle

5/28-5/30- Reiki Master Class

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