Day 2 Reminders- Everyday love

Day 2 Reminders- Everyday love

Aug 21, 2023

As I sent reiki to all the people in our container, I felt a very peaceful wave coming through, and the message of self-care. The message of drinking water, and the image of two arms crossed in front of your chest. 

It is a time to continue with the commitment to cherish ourselves. It won’t matter at all what someone else is doing or not doing, when it is being done. The times when you start to wonder or point the finger at the other, is a reminder towards where you are betraying your word to yourself. 

Hug yourself everyday, nourish your body, drink the water, learn how to listen to the messages that it is constantly giving you. Forgive yourself and rest.

Take this as a reminder to choose yourself today and everyday. Be your best friend and ally. May the treatment you begin to give yourself be reflected back to you by the community you keep. 

Love you, 

Claudia Adalgisa

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